Pumphouse Project, A Rant and first Album Completed.

May 20th, 2011 by Gareth

Hello everyone

So sorry for the tardiness in these blogs. Some of you may thank the long gap, but others will be slightly disapproving and may hasten to call us lazy. I can only say sorry. Myself and Bernadette have been involved in a project with People Show called:





THE PUMPHOUSE PROJECT – http://www.pumphousegallery.org.uk/exhibitions/pastexhibitions

This was a show devised with People Show artists (including us), ALRA stduents and ROEHAMPTON students. There was 35 of us in total and we had two weeks to make a show in the Battersea Park and The Pumphouse Gallery. Then a week of 11 performances. There were Ghosts, human Fountains, guides that kept forgetting the history of the park and having panic attacks. The whole project was wonderful, exhausting and inspiring. Looking back on it now I was so lucky to be working outside for three week in that wonderful park and working with such great artists. Sorry I am gushing, here’s some pictures.















Traveling down Bethnal Green I saw a new building development being built for young professionals called the…wait for it…AVANT GARDE Tower. I can’t tell you why this is wrong because it just is… on so many different levels.

Friend: Where do you live now?

Young professional couple: We live in the Avant Garde Tower in shoreditch.

Friend: Oh nice. Is it Avant Garde?

Young professional couple: No. But we do shop at Ikea if that counts and we make our own wool.

Greenwich Market is being sold apparently to a hotel chain. IT IS VERY CLEAR TO GOOD PEOPLE. The reason people go there or any independent shops is because it isn’t you and your 2 for 1’s, get a free dog with every necklace bollocks.

That’s it I feel better.


We have recorded a audio book of ARE YOU SITTING COMFORTABLY’S stories by myself and Bernadette with John Ward. The last one is recorded and we are ready to go on sale shortly. We will late you know details.

See you soon. Please comment or abuse



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