TV Series, the future of performance and some upcoming notices

May 31st, 2011 by Gareth


I am currently writing a TV series at the moment. I just started so it’s not that impressive. I am also currently like the rest of us watching between 7 or 9 different TV series at the moment. Some of them are weekly doses and some of them devoured in one long sitting where it makes you dream that you are in it for a week after. I once had trouble working out the difference between Deptford and Baltimore. The lines were blurred after a mega sitting of the wire. Sky’s new channel Alantic is offering to many goodies of old and new that I need a wall planner and no other things to do ever.

In the last decade everyone loves TV series, it’s true. The quality has risen dramatically in the last 15 years. I think for writers, directors and actors the chance of creating a world where story arcs and character that can mature over say 52 hours rather then 2 becomes very attractive. The money helps too. Money is ploughed into TV series  because the DVD sales have gone through the roof. Broadwalk Empire looks like it has the budget of a small to medium european country. I think TV exec’s now know that people might not watch  the first run of a series on primetime tv and the ratings might be low, but six months later the box set could sell in the millions.

So am writing away, I have just got to page 10, which accounts to 10 minutes of screen time. Only another, lets say 6 seasons of it….only another 4, 310 pages to go. I am already thinking of the spin of series


I am a gamer. Always have been and I guess always will. I have visions of me in a old peoples home playing FIFA and Call of Duty. I just recently purchased LA NOIRE which is game set in 1940’s Los Angles where you follow a policeman rise through the ranks. The difference in this game from a thousand others is that normally the graphics of people are sometimes good or it’s like watching a episode of South Park, in this game they make expressions and they act. A small raise of the eyebrow, a tiny downturn of the mouth it’s all there for the eye to see. In the game itself you have to interview a suspect and tell if they are lying by watching and hearing them. The actors (a lot of the cast from Mad Man) are fantastic and the writing is very good.

What I realise now is that this is the future for my profession as a actor and writer. The money games have behind them now and bigger than most hollywood movies. The creative input and freedom is very appealing. Twice this year I have nearly cried at a games ending and then laughed out loud at the brilliant work in PORTAL 2. If you can get away from the people just shooting at other people normally in the middle east and every game having someone  who is a space marine with a heart or a young spiky haired boy on a revenge mission because his home in a  small country village was burnt to the ground by Manrango the evil or something. If you can ignore al that, there is some really good work out there where it’s tech is changing rapidly and  it’s love of storytelling shines through. Now all i need to do is fit into that lycra suit…


We are doing Are You Sitting Comfortably in LONDON on June 17th and in Brighton on June 21st. Still time to submit a story and please book tickets. See rest of website for details.

I am doing THE DETECTIVE SHOW in Yorkshire on Saturday and Didcot on the 25th of this month. Please come if near by.

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