Watership Down and that sporting event next year

June 23rd, 2011 by Gareth

Hello All

I am asking for some suggestions this week, some hope and some advice. Bit cheeky but that’s the way it is.

I am reading again after an absence of 25 years Richard Adams Watership Down. When I was 7 my mum gave me the book as did countless other parents all across the country did and I was hooked. I think I read the book over twenty time for the age of 7 to 16. Then the trendy’s took over, Austeur, Catch 22 and American Psycho pushed my copy of Watership Down way to the back of the shelves, until it eventually disappeared completely. So a week ago after reading the short stories for the latest AYSC I thought of Richard Adam’s Masterpiece and like an itch had to find a copy and read again. Bernadette had one (With a loving gift description from her grandparents to a 7 year old birthday girl version of Bernadette.) I sat down and started with some trepidation. It still holds up. It is still beautiful, haunting, sad and majestic. Fiver, Hazel and Bigwig were like old friends and I seemed even to remember old passages by heart. It is a work of genius and for a kids book that probably does not many funny moments in it (Except the German bird) it is incredible to think of all the seven year old’s devouring it in the seventies. I remember in my last year of primary trying to write a sequel, but stopping after a page. I remember hours spent looking at the cover and trying to work out who the rabbit was in the background leaping away, Fiver? . The foreground being Hazel I think. I remember being very disappointed with the film at 8. I remember looking at rabbits more carefully.

Then I remember the map. The real location is in berks near newbury where there really is a watership down and nutthanger farm. Richard Adams walked that route many times and lovingly new every inch. I remember promising myself that when I was grown up I would go there and look for the Bigwig and co. But you know what…I never have. That makes me a bit sad . So now  I will go… this summer. I have to.

So who wants to come? Also is there any book location that you promised to go and never did. Answers on a website please.


Now before I go on about how this thing is getting on nerves. How half of  Greenwich Park has been closed for the summer for a trial run of the posh horsing event, how half of my arts colleges got cut because of the four week sports celebration. Before I start any of that. What are the benifits? I have come up with just one so far:    THE OVERLAND TUBE

Anything else?

see you soon

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