August 2nd, 2011 by Bernadette

Tomorrow the play wot I wrote opens in Edinburgh at the Bosco Tent Edinburgh, and I feel bereft as although it was a long few weeks of endless days it was a massive treat to work with such a talented team.And I learnt a lot about CUTS, both the surgical and the script kind. Snip snip snip…

In the spirit of research I went back to UCHL to ask James Holding some anaesthetic related questions and arrived to a reception area filled with the dulcet tones of a string quartet, on a sunny day, with rehearsals going well. All was well in my world- then- “Quick! “says Holding, “get into some scrubs, we have to go into theatre.” So I struggled into some and went in to watch a man having an inflatable penile prosthetic. Yes. A man (we were never formally introduced) had two thin balloons placed either side of the old chap in order to aid him in raising the jolly roger should the need arise. Me, a woman who couldn’t change a plaster on my own finger a mere 7 weeks ago without feeling a bit faint saw a man being poked at with a thick needle in a place no man should be poked. Unless he likes that sort of thing. And I was fine. Then we ate some reese peanut cups and I checked a few ether- related things with James and went back to rehearsals. I can pretty much guarentee that that experience will not be repeated.

Phil looks into a glass, darkly

If you are in Edinburgh Etherdome will be brought to you by:

Denise Kennedy, actress(Kate Bush hair, great actress, voice of an angel)

Dennis Herdman actor (handsome and evil, hilarious and mysterious)

Phillippe Spall actor (possesses the uncanny ability to improvise,seemingly without end, a stream of entertaining/funny/alarming consciousness. )

Balthazar Gaulier AD( sweet and clever but also excellent at swearing)

Andrea  Salazar(, unfazed by anything. company manager- brilliant)

Mick Barnfather director (silver headed genius and pat ball maniac)

and Sydney Florence costume design (she of the perfect eyebrows and magic fingers, creator of beauty) Phil Eddols set design (he made a set that looks like Boris Karloff should be hiding in it-great)Christoph Wagner (lights, omni-calm lumiere) Chris Larner (songs and music, cheeky chappie wordsmith) Julian Hanby (sound design and all round is there nothing this boy from Nottingham can’t do?) also Lil Binham company manager (glamour-puss and terrifyingly organised) Richard Jordan producer (who I am hoping to have a few gins with once I get up there), and the brilliant Jackson’s Lane and Assembly Rooms. Hope I haven’t forgotten anybody. O I have, the amazing WonderWoman Mira Dovereni “despite having just given birth to the biggest recorded baby in South London I can still talk about the show a mere 2 hours afterwards”who’s idea sparked this journey into blood and guts.

I really hope it does as well as expected, as it really deserves to. Here’s the link if you fancy:

In the midst of all this we had a lovely AYSC gig in Ashford, in the most amazing magical room, so thanks to Peggy Riley for that. Also thanks to all writers and our guest reader Alison Mead .Here’s some pics:



The  up and coming show at the National will be dedicated to our dear friend Anna Mickelfield, who tragically passed away  after a brave struggle with cancer. Me and my family will miss her so much. She was beautiful, funny, clever and ballsy.I will never forget her.


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