Running fashion, plus the end of the world.

August 19th, 2011 by Gareth

Running Fashion

So I am ready to go for my first run with other humans. I am running 10k tomorrow around greenwich park for the British Heart Foundation, but I am not so nervous about the run, but more about running etiquette.

Do you talk to the other runners? Can you look them in the eyes? How much distance do you have to be apart from them?

My main concern is the outfit’s I have to run in. Being on my own for the last 6 months I started with some old grey tracksuit trousers and any old t shirt that is lying around. You know the ones, badly stained t shirt, some random free festival t shirt , even one that someone left around your house that is so hideous it was never talked about from both parties. I haven’t brought anything new either. I don’t know where to start when I go into a sports shop. I am also scared stiff. They all look at me in a way that they know I am an imposter, a fake, someone that is not one of them or ever will be. Maybe I should where a suit.

End of world

Well it’s been an eventful couple of weeks around the country. Looting, stock market crashing, the start of a new big brother. It’s the end of days I think. Bernadette asked me a good question yesterday. With the collapse of civilisation coming what skills could you offer in a new world? Can you build a shelter? Hunt? grow food? I thought  for a while and then answered.

I can devise an experimental theatre show?

Let Mad Max kill me now.


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