366 Days of Kindness- Chapter 2 August 2011

September 6th, 2011 by Bernadette

This couple of weeks has been proper learning curve with #366daysofkindness, including an hour in the morning of 31st August when I thought I am going to stop doing this, it’s mental, after several friends said “A Year? For a whole year?” I thought  no one will notice, then encouraging messages from friends and strangers and a wee mention in Time Out got me back on track.Also good point made my friend Kate Bohdanovich “it’s not exactly kind if you’re making a show about it is it?” this is a good point. I promise the show itself will be exceptionally kind, however that will manifest itself.   So here it is like a diary from the olden days. I will do a blog from now on every week so as not to bore you with a really long list.


August 23rd- Gave a stranger an “unbirthday present”

I gave a man the unbirthday present. It was beautifully wrapped and contained chocolate, handcream, sweets and a mini sparkler. This was the first really nerve racking one, and the first day I realized that it takes a lot of balls to approach someone in this way and they might actually think you are mad. Especially if you are dressed as I was almost head to toe in silver (it was that kind of day)he looked a bit scared. He said thankyou. I wondered whether this was kind or not. I hope he liked it. I put my name on the label and #366daysofkindness and thought about whether or not it was better if it was anonymous- maybe it’s more magical and surprising if it’s totally random and not part of a “project”? on the other hand maybe it’s less scary if it is obviously part of a plan? Mmmm…

August 24th Gave Ryan from Tescos in Surrey Quays a Plant

I had already decided to give someone a flower today, and went into Tescos on the way home to buy some. When I got to the counter the man on the till was so jolly and nice to the lady in front of me I decided he deserved a flower if anyone did. I explained what I was doing as it seemed appropriate in the circumstances and he liked the plant and he asked my name- later found me on facebook and posted this

“I have just been the lucky receiver of a ‘Random act of kindness’! I was given a beautiful flowering plant, totally out of the blue by a fellow Londoner, happily spreading joy on her way home from work. It has made me feel so wonderful and so special and once again has opened my heart and eyes to how wonderful life is. Thank you Bernadette, sending love to you this evening and love to everyone else out there :-)”

Now that was a great pay back. Made my day.


August 25th  Gave a stranger a book-

is this kindness or reverse mugging?

today’s – very hard -got nervous. Wrote note inside a book, explaining what I was doing and my name. on the bus I decided to give it to the girl sitting opposite but she looked shy, and the man opposite me looked grumpy. Starting thinking about how some people probably get nice stuff happen to them less often as they look discouraging. Wondered whether I should find the grumpiest person on the bus and give it to them. Thought back to the first day of this when I offered a stranger my seat and she threatned to beat me then everyone else up. Got bus fear. Got off bus.started looking around for a likely target and then thought “I’m thinking “target” like a serial killer” and that made me nervous. in the end -ran up to woman and said “please take this, I’m not mad, honestly, thanks” and I went to put it in her handbag and she (understandably) offered me her tescos carrier bag instead, with a weak smile. Then I ran off. Wasn’t quite the high of yesterday.thought about doing a few more anonymous ones to take the pressure off myself. And the recipients, in case I actually scare someone or get into a fight.


August 26th left “note of kindness” on table at NFT

So, begininig of anonymous “notes of kindness”.gonna see how it goes if I leave lovely/funny/encouraging notes for people. If it so happens I speak to them that’d be good but not essential. This is a relief. Also I hope a bit more magical. Left letter outside NFT addressed “to you , yes you” . As i left no-one had picked it up…no one had even sat at the table even though the tables around were crowded. Hopefully a waiter will pick it up, they looked run off their feet.


August 27th  gave stranger  a “cake of kindness”

did a bit of a cheat today, I had loads of cupcakes left over from yesterays show, and was going to meet ladies who booked me for compeering a burlesque gig in Twinkenham, so they weren’t exactly strangers but I hadn’t met them until the day. Cakes went down well.  Am hatching plans for a mass Cakes Of Kindness event. That’ll scupper the government’s anti-obesity drive.


August 28th gave a stranger a picture of les dawson and “note of kindness”. It went wrong

I woke up with a glint in my eye, and decided today was gonna be a cheeky one. So I wrote a letter which said if you’re enjoying bank holiday I dare you to call in sick tomorrow love from your fairy godmother with a picture of les dawson dressed as said fairy godmother on the back. I know this is a bit rubbish, but it made me laugh. this was the second big lesson of this couple of weeks- I approached this guy on the concourse at London Bridge and the conversation went something like this:

ME: hello, I wanted to give you this

HIM: I don’t want it

ME: honestly it’s nice

HIM:I don’t want it

ME:it’s a good thing I promise you

HIM:I don’t want it

ME: take it take it ! (runs away)

This made me laugh but I had to admit as an #366daysofkindness it didn’t really count, so I left a £1 on the tube seat for someone to pick up.


August 29th left a “note of kindness” on church noticeboard

So by now I have decided it might be a good idea to mostly do anonymous #366daysofkindness, just for the time being.  Left a letter on the church notice board saying read me.Hope that God doesn’t get the credit. He’s always getting credit for stuff, athletic achievement, survival against the odds, the wonders of nature etc.

August 30th. gave “note of kindness” to Midwife in Lewisham

The note on the church noticeboard is still there, I see. Bummer.

Visiting friend in hospital gave the  midwife at Lewisham hospital a “note of kindness” she seemed to like it. I was going to stick it on the hospital noticeboard but as noticeboards haven’t gone so well and as I would have to have squeezed it between posters for bladder problems and diabetes it didn’t seem right.

August 31st gave “note of kindness” via Sophie Donnelly in East London

in an attempt to spread #366days away from SE London I asked my friend sophie Donnelly. to take a note of kindness home with her. Today was the day that my venture featured in the time out blog and that cheered me up. See here:


September 1st left note of kindness and £1 in phone box in SE London

September 2nd gave homeless man 50p then thought better of it and  gave him £5. Central London.

Travelled up to Highlands for Billy Hiscock and Hanna Wolf’s wedding.

September 3rd  Gave lady who worked in café in Crear a note of kindness.

she came out afterwards and hugged me and said you must’ve known I needed that.

September 4th  left note of kindness and flowers from Scotland on table in the amazing Café Soy in Birmingham

saw a waitress pick it up and caught her eye.

September 5th left choclate on a doorstep rang the bell and ran away SE London


That’s all folks. For now. As I said, will do weekly blogs from now on. I can’t expect anyone to read all this stuff, can I?



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