366 Days of Kindness- Chapter 4 September 2011

September 21st, 2011 by Bernadette

The week that I found out how to be kind when you’re in bed feeling sorry for yourself.

Tuesday Sept 13th

I have the lurgy, and am cross because, despite decades of living like a cross between Henry VIII and George Best, I never get ill.

Strangley, I had been wondering how I would do the kindness activities if I was ill in me bed, just the day before. So I must have felt it coming. Plus was worried as had a big gig coming up, compering for a Breast Cancer Charity Burlesque event, and knew I a. couldn’t be ill b. couldn’t imagine compering in this state of disrepair.

So from the sick bed, I wrote an anonymous (great) review for someone’s book. This has to stay anonymous of course, otherwise she might find out and it might be a terrible disappointment that it’s just me. This book really deserved a great review. Was quite pleased that I had achieved something from the sick bed that didn’t cost anything.


Wednesday Sept 14

Donated to “help the forest” for next year’s Edinburgh Festival. Still in bed with lurgy! Really enjoyed the forest and the free fringe this year, feels like that what the Edinburgh Festival should be, not some big corporate money making (except for artists) comedy producers festival. Felt good.

Still in bed. Think I ate a dodgy vegetarian meatball (is there any other kind? I hear you cry!)


Here’s stuff about the Forest:

The Forest is a volunteer-run, collectively-owned, free arts and events space masquerading as a vegetarian café. We provide a dedicated space for people to get involved in any creative activity imaginable.


Thursday Sept 15

Recovered enough to get down to Whitton for the fundraiser.

Beyond nervous, feel like I am at the biggest hen night in the history of the world (not a bad thing) totally sober (bad thing)

Think it went well. Gave away a LOT of fairycakes iced to look like breasts. Under the glare of the follow spot by the end of the evening they looked more like iced testicles. Snogged this poor man half to death under the glare of a follow spot, in the name of “comedy”. Lots of fairly dubious #366daysofkindness last night. Donate ½ my fee to cancer research.

Come home broken.


Friday Sept 16th

Left an envelope with a fiver in on a bar in London Bridge with a letter- “have a drink on me.” Hope it’s not found by a recovering alcoholic. That’s not kind.


Sat Sept 17th

Signed this. Got other people to sign it.

Reduce Income Inequality for a Fairer, Safer and Happier Society – e-petitions


We the undersigned wish to highlight the findings of the Equality Trust that societies with smaller income differences between rich and poor have fewer health and social problems, such as teenage births, violence, social disorder, mental illness and drug abuse; further further note that such societi…


Sunday Sept 18th

http://bit.ly/minersfund today #366daysofkindness


Monday 19th

September always makes me think of Charles Dickens, my hero. So I left “Christmas Carol” on the train #dickensofkindness. It had a bit of coffee spilt on it, but still…


Tuesday 20th September

Dice of kindness (see pics)

Gave this to my friend Ed Currie to give to his girlfriend, who I haven’t met so this does count.I hope she does it!

Getting into the swing of it now. Lessons learnt: Don’t plan the next day’s kindness. If an opportunity comes your way, take it. One person’s kindness is another person’s annoyance.



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