366 Days of Kindness- Chapter 5 September 2011

October 11th, 2011 by Bernadette

So, I said I was going to keep a record every week, in my blog, and I didn’t. I have tried to keep it brief. Remember if you would like me to do something nice for someone- you can email me at Bernadette@thewhiterabbit.org.uk


All the kind things I have done since 21st Sept.


Wednesday 21st September

Left the novel “one day” on bench in park. Then I felt bad, as I remembered I had promised it to my friend. Went back, it had gone. I haven’t mentioned it, with a bit of luck she’s forgotten.


Thursday 22nd September

Left a fiver on the bus seat, but I wrote on the fiver explaining, so I hope it gets passed around and spreads the word!


Friday 23rd September

I left a nice message and a party popper with my neighbours. The next morning I found the popped popper on the pavement outside their house!


Saturday 24th September

Gave some Jehovah’s Witnesses a plate of french fancies for #366dayskindness. I was on my way to deliver them elsewhere, but I thought that they probably receive quite  a lot of doorslams, so they could do with a fancy.


Sunday 25th September

Sponsored total stranger Natalie Goulder. Left her this message “I’m doing one kind thing every day for a total stranger for #366daysofkindness. I live on London Marathon route (8miles in) so will look out for you x” hope she not scared. She didn’t reply. L



Monday 26th September

Left a message of kindness on the seats at the Tate after looking at John Martin’s Apocalypse exhibition. An antidote, I hope, to the hellfire and brimstone stuff.


Tuesday 27th September I left a load of birdseed on the table. Birds count as strangers. I don’t know them. Not convinced, even though my friend at RSPB said it certainly did count. Did another one.

Left a pot of geraniums outside old folks home . Hope they didn’t trip up on it.I grow the biggest geraniums in se London.


Wednesday 28th September

Found a stranger to sponsor thanks to Jack Trow! Isabel Shapiro. Jack said he’d buy me a cocktail, so I think I will have made a profit there, if I pick a really expensive and massive cocktail


Thursday 29th September

Gave this lovely lovely chef at Yellow Earth near where I live a bunch of flowers, he seemed a bit blue lately. I wanted to take a picture but it would’ve spoiled the moment. Haven’t been back in yet.


Friday 30th September

Found a load of cigarettes in pockets of old coats. I don’t smoke anymore, except when I do, so I piled them up and put a note saying please have these if you like and then please give up. Don’t know who took them. I know, dubious, this one.


Saturday 1st October

My sister’s hen night. Gave her friend, who I hadn’t met before a “make a wish” card.


Sunday 2nd October

On my way to see premier of Black Pond at Raindance , left book at Eros Piccadily!


Monday 3rd October

Gave Vanessa Woolf Hoyles husband a box of chocolates. I have never met him, so he is a stranger. Plus she said he’d had a rough week.


Tuesday 4th October

On the way to do show in Brighton, had a long conversation with curate of East Grinstead St Swithin’s Church about kindness. He said it’s easier when you are poor, when you’re life isn’t about acquiring wealth and posessions. Mmm… gave a couple a bunch of flowers in Brighton, she said “thanks. I think some comedian has already done this though.” Them comedians, always giving away lilies, int they?


Wednesday 5th October

I helped a tourist couple buys their travel cards, said “Welcome To London” AND gave them my number and said if you need help give me a call.


Thursday 6th October

Gave lottery ticket to first man I saw getting off the bus. Told him to phone me if he wins and gave him my phone number. He hasn’t.


Friday 7th October

Did a neighbours recycling, by taking it out of his recycling bin and put it in the big recycling bin. Felt weird.


Sat 8th October

Left jar of sweets saying eat me at house near me. Rang bell, ran away.


Sunday 9th October

Sponsored Kit Taylor for the Royal Parks ½ marathon. Bit of a cheat, as I can’t exactly describe him as a stranger, but you could say he is strange. Plus I haven’t seen him for years. Hardly recognise him. Honest. Plus gave a dog the other half of my croissant.


Monday 10th October

Gave a “make a wish” card to my friend David Duchin’s friend over from Denmark. Kate Kamil. Told her to open it at midnight. I knew that she would be in the mood as we had visited Dennis Severs house, so she’d up for a bit of magic.


Tuesday 11th October

It’s 19.30pm and I am still deciding…….

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