Marathon Help and Indoor Olympics 2012.

October 14th, 2011 by Gareth

Hello All

Now I must apologise for my lackluster approach to blogging lately. Bernadette has made up for it though with her weekly updates of acts of random kindness. Until I start  my  own acts of random evil when the world economy collapses next month, I must be more regular in the blogging department.


I am still running though. Jesus and all the gods yes I am running. Last sunday did the Royal Parks half marathon thanks to Chris Trim. My god it was a mixture of ups and downs. The first six miles was brilliant, running past house of parliament, up the embankment, down the mall. I had a permanent grin on my face. I had a bit of trouble grabbing the water bottles from the wonderful helpers on the side , but after the tenth attempt finally grabbed one and then dropped it straight away.  It was around the 8 mile mark that I loss the will to live. Depression hit me with a slap. What am I doing? I’m forty for shit’s sake? Where have all the bee’s gone? Other runners started to drop around me, some with cramp, others with more serious injuries. The sight of someone on the floor surrounded by St John’s Ambulances having a fit will stay with me for a long time. Hope you are okay fella.

The 10th mile mark came and then I discovered Lucozade. WOW. This is good, yes please, WOW. I soon passed my best ever distance of 11 miles and that jubliation kept me going till the 12th mile. The last mile was when I experienced real pain for the first time since starting running. The thighs started to burn and I had made a serious mistake with my choice of  pants. I don’t think you need any other details.

I made it though, just over 2 hours and I never stopped. Then it dawned on me. I am going to have to double this in next years marathon. Shoot me now.

 Marathon 2012

I am running this baby in 2012 for the fantastic charity CHILDREN with CANCER UK as part of their team. They have given me a training plan which is frightening and has something called ‘Fartlek’ in it. You can sponser me now or nearer the time as I aim too raise a lot of cash. Here is the link.

I also would love to do some kind of art event while running the marathon. I was thinking every mile I would deliver a line of a new story, that have twenty six lines in it.

That’s rubbish as you can tell.

Anyone got any ideas? Please leave in comments.

Indoor Olympics 2012

The lovely Bernadette and I will, with People Show, will be running this special event in march of next year. A two day event with indoor athletics, egg and spoon, find the red trousers and other such great sporting events. We want different countries from all over London represented. We are also want to raise some more money for the above charity. More details to follow soon.

Have a lovely weekend



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