366 Days of Kindness- Chapter 6 October 2011

November 6th, 2011 by Bernadette

Dear Reader, I am definitely in the swing of it now, with the kindness. I started the postal ones, although I have a bit of a backlog as they take a bit more time. and a lot of glitter. Got interviewed by Flic Everett for the Daily Express about it (in the paper on Monday 7th November) and Woolfson and Tay bookshop and gallery are proposing an exhibition of it August- September next year.

Funny how quickly it has become just a thing I do. I never plan them, but I never forget either. Really enjoyed this month.Here’s the list. Find me on FB if you want daily updates or on Twitter (betterussell). If you have  friend who would like a nice surprise in the post then send me their address Bernadette@thewhiterabbit.org.uk


11th October left an unbirthday present in the phone box near my house. That phone box must be getting quite a reputation.

12th October My birthday! So I was the recipient of much kindliness myself!

Left lush card in national portrait gallery. Saw lady pick it up and smile.

13th October despite a hangover, crept out and left a mysterious yet cheering message outside block of flats

14th October I put a bar of chocolate INSIDE a woman’s bag -is this scary? Illegal? Left a note with it

15th October I went to see Jerusalem for the second time at Apollo Theatre, and met this great man outside, Mark, activist and fellow ark -er, what a top bloke. Gave him money. Bit boring, but he probably needs it.

16th October I sponsored Paul Arvidson he’s cutting his hair off for a very good cause. Now this was the first time I have known the person, so for good measure as it’s sort of breaking my own rules, I left a jar of sweets on the bus.

17th October went to see Grisly Tales from Tumblewater at Wimbledon Theatre, after the show I gave the author  note that promised I would send him a present if he sent me his address- he didn’t respond! I did know the theatre company so he should have known I wasn’t just a nutter! Will try this one again at a later date…

18th October lady who works in newsagent’s next door- took her a cake- didn’t explain too well she looked confused/doubtful!

19th October sent this to Donna Bakewell my first postal #366daysofkindness- nominated by Cindy Townsend

20th October Just took cakes down to St Paul’s protest camp for today #366daysofkindness brill down here good work!

21st October we had a storytelling show at Toynbee- (“Are You Sitting Comfortably? BEAUTY”) Last minute #366daysofkindness to member of audience nominated by Gareth- gave her a fiver. She said she just had her bike nicked so was slight compensation.

22nd October left some sweets on my neighbours step- git caught doing it by the other neighbour. She said “ That’s great, she loves sweets!” Plus received an ARK myself- my friend Cindy sent me an amazing beautiful box of treats!

23rd October Left Paul Auster book on bus. Man said “hey you’ve left your book” I said” I left it on purpose” he said “awesome” and I saw him reading it as bus sailed off. Aw. Great gig with the Cheek of It! at Madam Jojos. All good

24th October Left a book on my front wall (Neil Gaiman The Graveyard Book, and a hardback, peeps!!) Tomorrow must get on with the postal #366!

25th October left a book- beryl Bainbridge every man for himself- in vegan café in Camden after me and my sis finished our Halloween/ wedding shopping.

26th October second postal #366- a magic box containing: a fir cone I picked on the beach at Crear in the Highlands, lovehearts, Parma violets, a balloon, a party popper, a shell, dice dares, chocs, feathers, glitter etc. To Phillippa Lawrence nominated by Alex Alderton.

27th October took a load of cakes down to my favourite charity shop in Deptford- home made cupcakes left over from our show

28th October Lucky Penny- given to a bemused John Osborne after I had seen his (great) show” John Peel’s Shed” at Jackson’s Lane

29th October Dare Dice- given to Fran from Woolfson and Tay gallery in Bermondsey square who I had just met. She wants to do an exhibition of my 366 days of kindness in August! Yay!

30th October Left “Alice In Wonderland” and a note in the Ladies loos at the White Horse pub in Hatfield, where we were having our dinner-before- sister’s- big- day.

31st October My sis got married today- in fabulous Halloween style! I left a basket called Trick or Treat in the honeymoon suite! Also put a trick or treat bag in a strangers bag! (These are the tough ones, sneaking into someone’s bag- how would I explain myself? I am a reverse pickpocket?!)

1st November lottery ticket and note left in Soho after seeing my friend Henry Bouquet’s photography exhibition at Adam Street. I picked man who had an eccentric and sensational jacket on. He deserved it.

2nd November Box of cakes to Emma, who I just met on a photo shoot for Daily Express (they interviewed me about this foolish endeavour!!!!)

3rd November a book of Xmas ghost stories to a man I met on the bus Andy Rees. (Anne Perry – A Christmas Odyssey)

4th November box of sweets left on my front wall. Gone 20 minutes later! Note saying please take me!

5th November magic box to Donna Lowe nominated by Liz Hawkins. Containing: lucky penny, rubber duck, rose bath bomb, body lotion, heart balloon, Scooby Doo fizzy sweets, chocolates, glitter, feathers, a wish…..

Today is 6th November- it’s a quarter past 2, what will I do? xx





  1. thankyou so much for responding I really appreciate it and glad you liked xxxx
    ps I love the use of “asunder” x

  2. This means so much to me, so glad and happy that you liked it….sorry you had a bad sad day, wish with all my heart that you have better ones. really appreciate your response. I hope one day we meet xxx

  3. November 26, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    come home, had a bad, sad, depressing day…small envelope addressed to me, don’t recognise the writing nor the post code…open to find lovely handmade card (bright pink lace ribbon & grey swirls paper love the combination)…read the message inside and just cry, am very moved to have received such a card at such a time…wonder who it’s from…think of Marion…definitely her style…it reminds me of Lucy (lovely Lucy who’s no longer here) who used to make amazing stuff & would def have been up for it…phone Marion & say thank you…
    Later show my partner, equally curious…later still see Maggie, she grins, asks did i get the card…big hugs all round…thanks for the nomination couldn’t have come at a better time…only then do i register the hash tag and 366 days of kindness
    thank you xx

  4. Pip loved her parcel…
    a ‘you missed it’ red card from post office
    a few days of the mystery as I waited to collect
    waiting over
    card exchange
    ripped open in the car!
    glitter scattered
    brown box (I like brown boxes, brown paper and brown envelopes) torn asunder
    I chewed I crunched I read and unpacked shell, feathers, balloon, sweets, note, dice, and some where an explanation.
    sunny day and ‘touched’ by a stranger
    it helped!
    sweets gone, card, dice and ‘dare’ remain
    balloon repackaged to a friend who needs it more
    love hearts always a good choice.
    thank you

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