Shakespeare Experiment, Driving and Christmas video.

December 5th, 2011 by Gareth

Hello All

The year is nearly coming to an end and as usual I have no Christmas parties to attend, no photocopying of my bum to be had or drunken fondling in the stationary cupboard with the operational manager from finance. The downside of being self employed. 


At the start of the year I made a commitment to not watch any Shakespeare plays for a whole year. I listed my reasons and there was some fierce debate. As the year is coming to an end with only 28 more days to go, I feel very confident that I fulfill my promise. Unless I am pressganged by the RSC marketing department and I wake up in bruised and drugged in a 24 hour Bard special. It has be heard of. 

I can report that it was very hard due to me not being able to see my friends perform in their shakespeare shows. I was invited and had to refuse, coming across like a pious idiot. I have missed 3 midsummers nights dreams, 2 hamlets, 3 As you Like it’s and a musical celebration of the bards sonnets. I did perform another show on the set  of the globes touring production of Hamlet in Yorkshire, if that counts.

I don’t feel like I am in a cultural void after my year absence. I don’t feel more stupid. I don’t feel like I am missing something important in life by watching a another famous actor talking to a skull. I would like to say i have filled my hours not watching shakespeare by doing something more worthy, but I won’t lie to you, I am not that man. Will I do another year?….Tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow.


 I am now 40 and have never learn to drive. I tell a lie, I had two lessons and I am sure the instructor was drunk. In the second lesson he said why don’t we try a handbrake turn? My mum took me out a couple of times and screamed for an hour straight. After that I hung up my brown leather gloves.

Now I hate cars in the city. I am often ranting about how big they are getting and whats the point of driving around soho at 2 miles an hour beeping your horn because it’s busy. I hate the school runs. I hate that  drive ins. I hate Top Gear.

I am going to learn to drive next year though. I feel like I am missing out of something. I want to be in on the gang who talk about litres engines, torque and wheels. I want to be able to moan on the other side of the fence. I can play driving video games. How hard can it be? I hope my lessons might be like the Grand theft Auto games… without the murders. Do I learn in automatic? Do i do an intensive course? Do I watch Top gear?



I am running the London Marathon next year for Children with Cancer Uk and heres by fundraising pag

Christmas Video 

I like to share a video with you made and sung by a friend of mine called Ben Homewood. We met filming in Belgium and he is a genius.









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