#366daysofkindness Chapter 9 January 2012

January 31st, 2012 by Bernadette

Get On Board The Love Train!

Dear friends, this Valentine’s Day I will be out and about, probably mostly on the tube, giving away cards/cakes/sweets to people to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’ll dress up a bit fancy, you know me.

I am inviting people (YOU! Dear reader)to join in by sending a card/message of love to someone. Not so much the obvious partner, but more like: a long lost friend, a relative, someone you mean to tell you love but don’t. Or don’t enough. If you fancy joining in please tell me about it. If you know someone who wants a Valentine’s Card tell me about it (obviously sensitively done!!!) I’m going to try and film my day’s adventures for next blog

contact me bernadette@thewhiterabbit.org.uk

Love Bernadette


Here it is on FB http://www.facebook.com/events/330319523674626/


What I have done and who I have done it to this month!:


5th Jan Left a card and book on the jubilee line- still getting away with Happy New Year cards I think!!


6th Jan Gave this nice waiter in a bar in Bermondsey Street a nice home made card. I had gone to meet Jude and Matt from Wet Picnic to talk about work n stuff, and was looking to someone to give it to (nice card, little bit of glitter inside the envelope, a “make a wish” invitation) The first waiter we met was a bit snooty and rude to Jude’s lovely fella, and I had the card in my hand ready to give to him, but decided he didn’t deserve it. This fella did.



7th Jan Gave a passerby a Happy New Year Card at Burgess Hill Train station


8th Jan Gave a lady a box of ferrero rocher I had left over from Christmas.

Me: (thinking I was hilarious and that everybody knows this ad reference) “Madam with these rocher I am really spoiling you”

Her: “Pardon?”

Me: (bit embarrassed)”Nothing. Bye”

I wanted to ask to take her picture but the moment had passed. Sometimes this just feels a bit weird.




9th Jan My friend Cindy told me this story: “Hello lovely – I just gave a homeless man a quid outside Tesco’s then went back with a cheese and pickle sarnie and a wispa for him – meant I didn’t have enough for my shopping and I felt a bit sheepish but thought of you!”

I love it when people do it too. Hopefully at Valentine’s Day there’ll be loads of us! (hint hint if you’re still reading!)

Gave homeless guy on Deptford High Street a bit of money. I wanted to have a conversation with him; it seemed weird just to drop money in his hand. But a bit shy today….


10th Jan I was in Deptford Train Carriage Café making this jar of sweets to give to someone and trying to order a flat white. The waitress saw what I was doing (tying a ribbon round a piece of gingham, fingers and thumbs) she said, I like that. So she got it.


11th Jan A small gift through the post for Wendy Dumper as recommended by Lucinda Townsend


12th Jan Send to Joe Grayling as suggested by his sis! I am getting a lot of requests from what I think is, judging by the email address, Brighton University??? What’s going on there? I started wondering…. Maybe I should just go and take them a load of cakes. But really like doing the postal ones.


13th Jan I just got this amazing email from Wendy who was 11th Jan’s recipient. “As I opened the box and looked in lovingly at the gifts, my face felt like a big

beam of smiles, and then I started to sob tears of joy.  It really was a wonderful

moment even though it was just me that witnessed it, but that’s OK!

Thank you so much Bernadette – what a wonderful thing you are doing and what fun you

must have putting all these things together, making bits and pieces and making the

cards too, loved the glitter and the little box and the gifts are perfect.  I’m going

to put the “make a wish” tag under my pillow tonight!”

This made me cry.

Most days I plan ahead a little bit and have something in my bag prepared to give to someone, but today by strange coincidence, I heard this man at work say he was planning a route 66 trip and someone had given me a book about that so I gave it to him. Easy. He sent me a link to a song about kindness. Here’s the ink if you fancy a listen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL8A-b9XZaI

Good day today.

14th Jan Combining spring clean with kindness gave this Kate Moss dress to my friend’s daughter


15th Jan I got this message:

“I know of your 366 days of kindness project, and it’s really sweet. I was wondering

if I could get some little bit of kindness on the post for my birthday? It’s next

Wednesday 18th January, but I feel a bit low because it’s so close to my late

husband’s birthday, that was on 16th January. He’d be 40, if he hadn’t died a year

and a half ago. Please surprise me, I love surprises!”

Sent a birthday surprise to Doly Garcia, who’s above email broke my heart a little bit.


16th Jan A few years ago I was lucky enough to work with Stan’s Café in Toronto at the Harbourfront Centre and I loved it there, and loved all Torontonians (is that how you say it?)- during the time I was there a man dashed out of his house on Toronto Island to give me a coat when it started to rain, and a taxi driver drove back to my hotel to return the purse I dropped outside his door. There’s not much you can teach the Canadians about kindness, if you ask me. Anyway, I loved it, and I posted my friend Viktor’s girlfriend Nina, whom I am yet to meet, a nice card. My first across-the-pond kindness. I am going to send Viktor another one to deliver to Toronto. He doesn’t know it yet.


17th Jan For Marion Gold, as suggested by Rebecca Tonge, through post


18th Jan I think this was in Jam Circus in Brockley. I was definitely in Brockley, anyway, I gave this lady a chocolate heart that my friend Penny Harrison had given me to pass on (thanks Pen) and she gave me a gigantic glass of red wine which meant I turned up to my friend’s house a bit squiffy. Instant karma.


19th Jan went for meeting about Shoreditch festival. I took an instant like to this man, who was slightly suspicious of me, but accepted my gift nonetheless


20th Jan for my friend Charlotte Civil- Sullivan’s husband


21st Jan On my way to see my friend’s show at the Lyric (great BTW, Great Grans’ Great Games) all ready to deliver something to someone at the theatre, when, on the way saw man on the tube trying for 20 minutes to get his contact lens in by reflection in window glass. I felt sick at all the eye pokery and was getting really irritated. Then I remembered I am supposed to be kind and lent him my compact mirror. More pockery. His friend was holding mirror up. His friend: “is this gay?” me: ” no. I don’t know” him: “I’m supposed to be in goal”. My stop came. Him :” here have your mirror back” me: ” no u keep it” his friend : “this is mental” I got off then remembered mirror was present from the very friend I was going to see in the show. Oops. It was a pretty camp mirror, and I loved the thought of him checking his eyes in goal with my dainty compact.


22nd Jan I’d left it a bit late today, that happens sometimes when I am working from home and I don’t leave the house and get embroiled in Radio4. So I dashed out and delivered a card to the nearest spooky house I could find. Don’t know why, I was in the mood for spooky. Quite daring as it looked like Miss Haversham lived there. The curtains twitched as I was trying to take a picture and I ran off…


23rd Jan Doing tax returns. Did a 5* review for someone who deserves it. See, I don’t even have to leave the house!


24th Jan In Eastleigh with the fabulous Wet Picnic. Gave this lady a good luck card. She has since become a friend, but I had only just met her.


25th Jan met this lovely man outside Waterloo station collecting for veterans. I gave him the scripscraps from my purse. Him: “Thanks” Me: “You’re welcome. Can I take a photo of you?” Him: “I’ll probably break your camera” Me: “No you won’t, a handsome man like you” Him: “oo *blushes* er.. ok.. thanks”.

It got me thinking, I don’t give enough compliments. They don’t cost anything etc. Gonna do more.


26th Jan Today I left a homemade chocolate in a silver box outside my neighbours house. It’s a really nice chocolate and an even nicer box. It’s safe to say that if you live within a 5-mile radius of my house you’ll get a surprise on your doorstep from me before this year’s up.


27th Jan found out that my friend Kate who was coming to the show tonight had a show coming up. I made her up an early birthday present. She was chuffed. Was good. It was a great show and the rest of my cakes got eaten up, which is a first.

28th Jan Davy’s Wine Bar, Greenwich, at my friend’s wedding party- this man got a card. He was nice. The card was slightly spooky but I hope he liked it.


29th Jan This was a weird night. I ended up at BBC audio awards, and at the after party both David Tennant and Johnny Vegas, Both very nice, Vegas hilarious. I had a small gift ready to give to someone but I had left it in my bag in the cloakroom so I ended up leaving it outside a flat in Deptford. Those two probably get enough kindness anyway.


30th Jan My friend Lucinda sent me a replacement mirror for the one I gave away on 21st Jan. Loads of people left me nice messages as I posted on FB that I was a bit fed up and now I am embarrassed and will never moan no more.

Reviewed and gave 5* to The Shadow by Michela O’Brien


31st Jan Gave this nice lady a small gift. She gave me a petition to sign. Fair’s fair.

No money and give me your %$£$%$ money

January 16th, 2012 by Gareth

Hello All

Happy new year and all that jazz. I normally start the year with a bright step forward and a million ideas that I put in a list, that gets carried forward every week until eventually I can’t understand what I had written in the first place. This new year the week just..greyly followed on from the next. No bright ideas, no new lists. Very busy still, don’t get me wrong, I’m not just sitting in my underpants watching Sky Sports News thinking when did my thirties go. Oh no. It just didn’t make me want to change my life.

I think this is down to the year being planned out already. The news keeps telling us how horrible it’s going to be. No money, no jobs, no future. I want to no how really bad this is going to be? Do I start hunting badgers? Or squirrels maybe? How do I cook these things? Do i have to go back to a dial up modem? Will I have to make a time machine, go back and kill the bankers?  WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Then we have the upcoming End of the World, which we have been watching trailers of now for years. I found it quite exciting. I can imagine myself with green hair, a tank top made out of badgers and driving around on a pimped up lawnmower.

My main worry is that we all start doing more stuff for free. In the arts it now seems acceptable to run theatre and film without actually paying anyone. Friends of mine who have worked professionaly now for over twenty years have been told “It’s good for your profile” when offered full time work for NO MONEY.

This guy says it so much better then me.


 In case you have forgot I am running this bloody London Marathon at the end of April. We are planning a special event for the day with live streaming, live sound and parties which I will talk about  more next time.

In the meantime please start giving me money for CHILDREN WITH CANCER (UK) on this website








#366daysofkindness Chapter 8 December 2011

January 5th, 2012 by Bernadette

Hello all, remember to email me if you know someone who needs something nice through the post. PLUS, on Valentine’s Day I am posting and hand-delivering 100 homemade cards. Let me know if you know anyone that would need one or if you’d like to do it with me…


Things I learnt this month:


It’s harder to be kind with a headache (either a “naturally occurring” or “brought on by excess of cheese” headache)


Some days strangers are scary, some days they’re not. Some days they’re interesting and intriguing. Depends on what side of the bed I woke up on.


It’s easier for people to accept kindness from you if you do it with an open heart. By that I mean: I noticed that when I am doing it because I’m in a “I have to do this but I’m not in the mood and that girl on the bus just gave me evils and I’m dying to go to the toilet and I’ve eaten too much cheese again…”etc, well, those days, with those thoughts in my head people are much less likely to respond favourably to my approaches, even if I am approaching with flowers/chocolate/ or on one memorable occasion, champagne. So I have to kind of get my mojo up, and approach with genuine warmth and openness, compassion etc. Then it nearly always elicits a favourable response. This is my experience from being on the frontline of kindness…


On blue days, on days when the relentless misery of battleship grey sky and grumpy colleagues, and aggressive cyclists, and not-much-moneyness, on these days I was unfailingly cheered by being nice to someone. I’d recommend it. It cheers you up, if you need it. If you don’t need it, it fills you with love and optimism. I don’t care if I sound like a soppy idiot. It’s true.


(I have had two glasses of semi flat champagne left over from Boxing Day, but I hope I am making sense.)


Here’s what I did:


29th November. I sent a card to Dawn King’s friend through the post. Now my craft supplies are getting a bit thinner due to excessive card making. This is a good thing. They take up more room than my clothes, and that is saying something. Dawn King’s friend name was Rachel Bollen from Newcastle and her two cats were called Olive and Mr Oblong. These are the greatest cat names I have ever heard. I hope I’ll meet all three of them one day.


30th November First day on project in Portsmouth with Wet Picnic. Met this lovely waiter in Gun Wharf who was working 9 am-1am. With a one-hour break. I gave him a card.


1st December Donated to national aids trust.


2nd December Whilst in Portsmouth, I am staying in a hotel next to the road I lived in when I was 17 (Shaftesbury Avenue). Tonight I’m gonna leave a note and a present outside the front door. I started pondering on how great it would be if through a fluke of physics/tear in the space-time continuum, 17 year old me got it. But I don’t remember so I probably won’t/didn’t.


3rd December found a lovely lady in the pub to give something to today. She was a ray of sunshine. I don’t think she was drunk, more naturally effervescent.


4th December I bought Pat (who I met today and is 80 years young) a cheese and ham sandwich and a cuppa as she was a bit peckish. 
She went home before I could
 get a picture of her.


5th December Hee Hee! Left surprise in Canada Water library. It was quite tricking choosing the right section to place it in- self-help? Romance? Teen fiction? In the end I chose at random


6th December Van Demal asked me to send something to his friend who is having a very difficult time. Sent it.


7th December Left on the jubilee line the great book  “When God was a Rabbit” with a small note


8th December another postal surprise for the daughter of a friend of mine who is having a hard time.


9th December went to a séance in Stoke Newington, a show in progress (which was great) and I gave my friend Heather Uprichard a card to deliver randomly to someone at the party she was going to I got this message back from the recipient “I got this and made me so happy! I still haven’t slept with the card under my pillow: really thinking of what I truly wish for first… thank you Bernadette :-) xs” Nice.


10th December Made a donation to Scene and Heard a charity a couple of my friends are involved in, a theatre project for children in Somers Town who work with professional actors on their own plays.


11th December Christmas card to random neighbours I have never met.


12th December Left in Spitalfields after rehearsal for our project with the music festival- Xmas card and golden coin


13th December Edwin. My new friend on bus. Because someone reminded me that just chatting to a stranger and sharing tips about hats is a good thing to do.


14th December ‎24 cupcakes delivered to SE Herts CATT team via my sister. Cakes were left over from the show yesterday.


15th December Gave a busker at Hampstead a massive bar of dairy milk Hopefully he’ll be so busy eating he will stop playing for a bit 😉 (When accordions are bad they are awful)


16th December Just did a strange and slightly creepy but great review. This “reviewer” is taking on a life of her own….


17th December Brilliant show with the musicians from Spitalfields Music Festival. Remembered after show I hadn’t delivered the card I’d prepared to anyone, so one of the musicians Alice, delivered it to her flat mate in the nick of time


18th December Christmas card to stranger left at Paddington Station


19th December Today sent something through the post to Morgan Nichols as recommended by Louise Halvardson


20th December Sent through the post to Yvonne Thornton as suggested by Rebecca Cubbit


21st December Today sent a card via Tina Moran for her daughter who I heard was a bit blue


22nd December Today delivered goodies to Jacksons Lane for Xmas day old folks party. Loads of people contributed to this sack of goodies including Sophie Donnelly, Kate Bohdanowicz, and  Caroline Jowett.


23rd December I gave a Xmas card and chocolate to my friend Stephan to give to his girlfriend who I have never met (she emailed me, this is always really nice, mainly as it’s great to know that it is nice to receive things)


24th December Met this really nice lady at Paddington station with her cute dog and gave her a Christmas card.


25th December donated to Centrepoint for homeless young people


26th December Secret 5* review. Well anonymous, secret would be pointless


27th December Left a Happy New Year card on the stage for someone to pick up after seeing the brilliant Colour of Magic by Forkbeard Fantasy at Southbank


28th December another review. No one so far has guessed it’s me.


29th December A little silver box full of silver coins I left on the tube, as a kind of voodoo money spell, but I couldn’t take a pic as I forgot my phone. The day has been strangely peaceful…


30th December Matt at the Mayflower- today’s recipient Met him the day before and he is a long way from home and its Christmas he said “ thanks for the card” (I had forgotten) I had a shit Christmas and I had no family here and I loved it”


31st December Planned to give this card and sparkler to someone in the vicinity of Surrey Docks at midnight…. instead I found a house party that sounded pretty lively and left my surprise in the doorway… did it get found?


1st Jan 2012-I just found out that I was the inspiration for a church talk in Edgbaston, Birmingham, my mate James Yarker’s church. I am really chuffed. He sent me a picture of a big picture of me in church. Possibly the most surprising thing that has ever happened to me. Brilliant and flabbergasting. Then my friend Lucinda Townsend told me this “and I forgot to tell you that you were the subject of my 12-year-old son Elliot’s philosophy lesson before Christmas! They were asked to do something kind for someone every day for a week and keep a record – so I emailed the teacher about you and your Random Acts ;-)”

Today I tried to go out with a small gift for someone but I am too utterly broken (in a good way) instead wrote another glowing review for someone most deserving and saved today’s gift for tomorrow


2nd Jan 2012 Gave this very sweet lady at the Greenwich Playhouse a little Happy New Year card and general message of encouragement. She nice. Watched Sherlock Holmes 2. Liked it.


3rd Jan 2012 Just gave this man sitting on London Bridge in freezing cold £2 all I had he looked so miserable and was so nice. Gonna look for him tomorrow see if he wants to get some food with me. It’s 2012, the Charles Dickens bicentenary and I was thinking for how many hundreds of years has someone sat on that spot over the river, hungry and asking for a bit of change? Plus ca change, and all that. I’m sure Germaine Greer took a homeless man under her wing??? I can’t do that, I’m too scaredy cat but I can take him for lunch. Will report back


4th Jan Couldn’t find him. Will look. Put a lottery ticket in a golden envelope and delivered to a house on my street. This is always nerve racking!!



Love Bernadette xxxx