No money and give me your %$£$%$ money

January 16th, 2012 by Gareth

Hello All

Happy new year and all that jazz. I normally start the year with a bright step forward and a million ideas that I put in a list, that gets carried forward every week until eventually I can’t understand what I had written in the first place. This new year the week just..greyly followed on from the next. No bright ideas, no new lists. Very busy still, don’t get me wrong, I’m not just sitting in my underpants watching Sky Sports News thinking when did my thirties go. Oh no. It just didn’t make me want to change my life.

I think this is down to the year being planned out already. The news keeps telling us how horrible it’s going to be. No money, no jobs, no future. I want to no how really bad this is going to be? Do I start hunting badgers? Or squirrels maybe? How do I cook these things? Do i have to go back to a dial up modem? Will I have to make a time machine, go back and kill the bankers?  WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Then we have the upcoming End of the World, which we have been watching trailers of now for years. I found it quite exciting. I can imagine myself with green hair, a tank top made out of badgers and driving around on a pimped up lawnmower.

My main worry is that we all start doing more stuff for free. In the arts it now seems acceptable to run theatre and film without actually paying anyone. Friends of mine who have worked professionaly now for over twenty years have been told “It’s good for your profile” when offered full time work for NO MONEY.

This guy says it so much better then me.


 In case you have forgot I am running this bloody London Marathon at the end of April. We are planning a special event for the day with live streaming, live sound and parties which I will talk about  more next time.

In the meantime please start giving me money for CHILDREN WITH CANCER (UK) on this website







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