The End of Things

February 7th, 2012 by Gareth


I am currently writing my 2nd episode of my TV series DEADFACE and questions are being asked about many things. How many episodes in a series? How many series do you see planned? What happens next? Do they die? Is it real? What?

I do know,I promise…but things can change very quickly.

I recently watched the last two series of LOST after a three year break. I kind of gave up on it after the plot lines got madder and the actors had  a look about them that they didn’t quite believe the lines they were saying. Then it got better, very poignant and nicely rounded off. I even shed a tear. Here’s the thing about  good TV series that I love is in the investment. You have deeply invested in a  journey with the characters, the story arcs, the dream sequences, the relationship fuck ups, the alien invasions,  the strange mormans, the crimelords, the vampire slayers, the fighters, the funny nerdy ones, the twats turned nice and the talking animals.

And when it’s gone it feels…strange, empty,…cheated? Then you run onto Amazon and see what else is on offer. I remember as a young boy watching Cheers on a friday night on channel 4. I was allowed one can of quatro (A strange eighties green drink) and a packet of crisps. I loved it. As I got older and started to go out on a friday night I missed the whole Kirsty Alley section of series and by uni was totally unaware of it. But in 1992 I heard they were showing the last ever episode and I sat down with a can of lager and a pizza then for the next hour cried my eyes out as the lights of that famous, so familiar bar, was switched off  by Sam Malone.

So to get the chance to maybe write something that gives people that feeling…well lets see what happens. It could just be another Elderado, but with ghosts.

To finish up on a less depressing note, here is a new piece of excellent writing and all round top acting from Jeremy Swift. This demands a series.

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  1. February 15, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Hi Gareth: thanks for that clip. That is outstanding!

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