#366daysofkindness Chapter 10 February 2012

March 6th, 2012 by Bernadette

Hello friends, sorry for the delay in this update. Trying to  keep it up, take pics, remember to put it up on FB and twitter fills my head up. Since the last post, I have past the 1/2 way mark, done a big Valentine’s Day Kindness swoop, starting writing a book/show of my adventures (not sure what it is yet? both? either? neither?) plus I have had to use my imagination with the kindnesses, as the terrible Dickensian reach of the RECESSION has left my pockets a bit lighter. It’s been more fun in a way, finding things to do that don’t cost me money, and/or clearing out my flat with things I know longer want to take to various second hand shops. I also applied to give blood, I know loads of people do this but I am a person who can’t even look at blood, I am extremely, stupidly squeamish so this was my most daring attempt at kindness yet. It’s even more scary than approaching the stern lady on Euston Station concourse on Valentine’s Day , offering her a cake and a valentine’s card. (she said no thanks and plugged herself in to her ipod. I was crushed, I tell you. Crushed) Since then the blood – giving appointment I had was cancelled by them, so that has thankfully gone on the back burner. I have been saying to people “I’m just trying to do a good deed every day” and “I’d love to take your picture, being as you are so good looking” and both of these work a treat. I’ve heard sad stories of people losing jobs, getting ill, feeling sad, I have made people cry with happiness and I have irritated others.

Of course, life goes on. I lost part of my part time job and like loads of others have been worried about money. My nephew got ill and went back into hospital (he’s fine now). Some days I dreaded having to be kind, but I always did it, every day, and once again I am glad.

Here’s the diary, in brief words and pictures:

1ST FEB - a few years ago i was lucky enough to work in Toronto with Stans Cafe Theatre company
at the amazing Harbourfront Centre. I fell in love with Toronto and its inhabitants, one day I
got caught in a rain storm on the islands and a man came out of his house and gave me a coat.
Another time a taxi driver went out of his way to return my purse that I'd dropped in his cab.
Amazing. So I asked my friend Viktor Lukawski if he would deliver a parcel to Toronto for me (he
lives there) to repay a bit of the kindness I received whilst there. I haven't heard back from him
yet... maybe he ate it himself...
2ND FEB a box of treats to my friend's wife, after they got
burgled for the second time, and she lost her wedding ring.
3RD FEB Reviewed the brilliant short story "Man or Mouse" by Mark Dark.
4TH FEB Heard from my friend Glenn "Hi Bernadette, check our our facebook group 'The Broken Biscuit Society.
we had a brilliant afternoon making Valentine cards inspired by your idea."
This was great, love to hear it when other people join in.
I also gave a lovely man in the charity shop a load of stuff,
although it made him blush as he thought I'd given him a bag of underwear. I
hadn't, of course, just some silky tops.Maybe he tried them on. Why not?
5TH Feb. Went to the fifth birthday party of "Finger In The Pie" cabaret.
I met a nice man called Charlie. Accidentally threw wine over him,whilst
trying to find the jar of sweets I prepared in my bag. which wasn't so kind ...
Charlie took the whole thing very well.
6TH Feb For my sisters neighbour,I left a jar of sweets outside her door.
She made my sis soup when they were in hospital with my nephew, so she deserves it!
Plus my friend Heather
Burton left me this message " I said no to
homeless chap who asked me for change for a cuppa in the snow. Then i
thought of you and ran after him with some coins. "
February 7th
 Finished and reviewed Nick Boardman's great short story
"Away With The Faeries", which saved me going out into the cold.

8TH FEB Today at "Society Of Imaginary Friends" I gave a jar of sweets to
my friend Jamie who has been supporting Occupy outside St Paul's since the beginning.
9TH FEB "#366daysofkindness-Valentines Day Love Train" was Time Out letter of the
week!(They are taking their time delivering that champagne though!)
Made a card for my friends flat mate . Also carried
the heaviest case in the history of cases up stairs for a snow splattered
lady. My arms are like a gibbon
10TH FEB Things I have heard this week: "nobody is gonna eat those sweets
you give them they probably think they're poisoned" " who's paying you? is
it a franchise? are Time Out paying you?" "what is the point of it?" "you're
wierd". I agree with most of these things. DOn't know whether I'd eat sweets
from a stranger, and it is a bit wierd.

February 10
Here's a feature on #366 in Italy!stupefacente!
Reviewed Sarah England's fabulous
story Cold Melon Tart .
11TH FEB Sent a package  to my friend James Dolan son Kai. For some reason I
had taken ages getting round to doing this. I have since heard it went done well!
12TH FEB Rendezvous with man outside Deptford Train station, who I had never
met before, who had asked me via twitter to read him something I loved. read
him Nightingale and The Rose (Oscar Wilde.) He was nice, I was nervous, it
was a bit awkward, then it was good. He's from Short Story Book Club. Nice.

13TH FEB I have made 50 Valentine's Cards, 50 loveheart cakes, and I have 50
heart balloons.I am nervous about tomorrow and don't really have a clue what
I am doing. That's another fine mess I've gotten myself into.Managed to rope in my friend
Christine Entwisle to film it, in case I make a show, so there is some other evidence/media of it.
Took two spare cakes and v day card to my neighbours. We went away last year
and left the back door wide open and they came in and locked it for me. Plus
he has a Russian accent, one of the best accents in all the world

What a crazy, crazy day. Started at 9am in Time Out offices, me, Chris and Alexi Dugis,
we traipsed around soho, sloped around the underground, went to Holloway Prison Visitors centre, we met
milkmen, tourists, police, prison workers, mums and dads, actors, street cleaners..
All cakes all cards all balloons gone by 5.40pm, and one of the last people we gave a heart balloon
to on Parliment Hill had just proposed to her boyfriend.We had a glass of rose in Beaujolais, were joined by my
friend Asif Iqbal who brought his own homemade cards. Finished entirely covered in mud and knackered!
Here's a few peeps who joined in:
Claire Hewitt"Hi Bernadette, I hope your Valentines 366 days of kindness is going well. I
spread the love today at the office with Red Velvet Valentine Cupcakes. X
Lucinda Townsend "Cup cakes made here too by Elliot and myself, down Southampton, spreading
the love inspired by Ms B "
Bev Freer "you were spoken of on heart breakfast on the radio this am, bout 815 as you
gave the host Harriet a balloon when you were up on Parliament Hill!"

 15TH FEB Reviewed Diane Parkin's great short story 'One Born Every Minute '
- great ghost story!

16TH FEB card for Kevin Head, hope he gets better soon, as suggested by his
fiance Kirsty, know idea how she found me, but she did, and I'm glad
17TH FEB Today  I was asked to read through a story
and give a bit of feedback. Written by this man's "alter-ego Jennifer Lucus
(B.A.L.) Born Again Lesbian". Now how can I resist that? Plus, it was a
great story.
Today reviewed Sarah England's short story "Rough Love"
Made me cry. Amazing
19TH FEB I got the homeless man sitting outside tescos a sandwich and rolos.
He said he sleeps out. Blimey . In this. I couldnt do one night

20TH FEB today a card to Katie Clifford as suggested by Marnie Summerfield Smith

21ST FEB Cakes for  Wayne left at the studio,I left them in the kitchen as a surprise
.Once again I failed to spell surprise correctly, so I have given up trying.
Plus I volunteered at the charity shop opposite Deptford PO but that doesn't
count coz I haven't done anything yet. Me: I could bring you some cakes Lady
in the charity shop: Trouble is with taking cakes is.... Me: I know, I
could've poisoned them Her: Er... no... it's just health and safety
regulations. Me: I haven't poisoned them Her: No, you don't look like a
22ND FEB I secretly sent a card to a friend of a friend. It's getting harder as more people around me are aware
of it to surprise people!
Gave a nice lady in Jacksons Lane Theatre a card. I very much enjoyed standing
outside the theatre burning a wedding dress for my Miss Haversham costume. This
was so much fun. A cab driver shouted " go on girl"
24TH FEB I left a Card on my friends neighbours doorstep in Mile End.I was slightly worried that it looked like a love letter
and might scare them. Then I got drunk and played Operation

25TH FEB Went to read stories to kids for bookswap day at TDFLP.
Loads of under 5s and no sleep is tough. Both them and I agreed that blowing
bubbles was much more fun so that's what we did. We filled the room with
bubbles and all got a bit hysterical.
26TH FEB Donated to my friend Steve Mayo's just giving page.I know, he's not a stranger,
but I figure that the recipients of the money are so it counts.

27TH FEB Card for Helen Tamblyn as recommended by Cathy White

28TH FEB Card for Stewart Who? as suggested by Denise "TheLady" Flower

29TH FEB Today in Tescos after a massive shop that made my arms like a
gibbon's (again) I gave the lady behind me my club card points, she welled
up a bit. Tescos in Surrey Quays is a very emotional place. And I know
Tescos is a bit evil.
1ST MARCH donated to New Cross Library for World Book Day
2ND MARCH For Abby Butcher 's mum as

For Abby Butcher <http://www.facebook.com/abby.butcher> 's mum as suggested,
for #366daysofkindness.

3RD MARCH Today, in honour of World Book Day this week,I planned to go to
back to  New Cross Library and give them loads of books.
But I couldn't. I am weak as a kitten. So instead I left this excellent book
outside my house.


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