#366daysofkindness Chapter 14 May 2012

June 28th, 2012 by Bernadette

May 1st

In Eastleigh. The man serving me in Tesco’s

Looked so depressed. The old lady paying for her stuff in front of me was taking ages. She appeared to have hidden her money from herself in an enormous bag. He was sweet to her but kept sighing to himself

Me: I like your earring

No response

Me: Are you OK?

Him: Sort of

Me: You should escape from here

Him: I wish

Me: Within six months everything will have changed for the better, I betcha.

Him: * nervous laugh*

Me: I know you think I’m a nutter but I really think that

Him: I bloody hope so

Me: I think you’re amazing

Him: I’m not.

Me: You are. You’re nice to people and you have a great smile.

Him: Thanks

Mmm.He wasn’t having it. Must try harder.

May 2nd

Tried to give blood. I had made an appointment at the Surrey Quays mobile blood unit. I kept thinking of vampires. I am, pathetically, the most squeamish person in the world, so I had set myself this task as a personal challenge. My little sister has given so much blood over the years she has received some kind of trophy. So, off I went.

Panic in the extremely claustrophobic, and, it has to be said, extremely unfriendly and gruff atmosphere of the Mobile Blood Unit. Failed to give blood due to a. having a panic attack b. the nurse shouting at me for filling the form in with a pencil.

I said, “I can’t do this” and legged it.

On the bus on the way home, feeling embarrassed and relieved in equal measure, I spotted a lady with her son, his arm in a grubby sling, asking if they could get on the bus for free.

She stunk of booze. I could smell it three seats away. It’s 10.30 am.

Her: (to bus driver) can you help me? I have to get my son to Lewisham Hospital. I haven’t got any money

Me: (on phone to sis explaining my blood giving failure) are you ok?

Her: yeah, he can give me a piece of paper; I’ve seen them, a special pass.

I approach, I can definitely smell booze

Me: it’s ok I’ll pay

Her: thanks

Me: it’s no problem. You’ve done me a favour. I couldn’t give blood

Her: o

They went upstairs

This made me sad.

May 3rd

Met two ladies on escalator at London Bridge. They were loitering at the top.

Me: Are you two ok?

Lady 1: yes

Lady 2: no

Lady 1: she’s afraid of escalators

Lady 2: she is.

(They were both in their 60s at least)

Me: Where have you come from?

Both ladies: INDIA!!!!

Me: Well it could be worse. You might have had to travel the whole way from India to London on a giant escalator.


Me: Only joking, you don’t get escalators that long, not even in London! (We all giggle) You should each have a boiled sweet. Then just suck it and try to concentrate on that and not the escalator.

Lady 1: We haven’t got any sweets

Me: I have!

I loved them, they made me smile.

May 4th

I just donated to Welcome to Fundraising Football 2012. They raise money for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity (as requested by my lovely old mucker Chris Wright)

May 5th

Bought a flat white and gave the waiter a £5 tip. This is rubbish as a. not very imaginative and b. I am skint

May 6th

Set myself task of paying compliments all day- did 12 -received 2 hugs and a kitkat. It was fun and I managed to do it, without anyone suspecting me of chatting them up (I hope!)

I had a really nice chat with an old fella on the bus, who was sporting a fabulous trilby (I told him I love it, I am a big fan of hats). He told me about his grandkids and his operations. Then he said, “There’s a lot you can do after two hip replacements” Hee hee! (got a hug)

Had a great conversation with a lady at the bus stop about the challenge of wearing heels when you have to actually walk around in them. She had great hair, an auburn afro, and we missed the bus because we were chatting. (Got a hug)

Then the Big Issue seller in London Bridge, after a long chat (during which I made sure he knew how amazing I thought he was, and he is, cheerful even in the rain, always singing) insisted of giving me one of his kitkats. It was a fun day.

May 7th

Told a man with his twinkly eyes he could conquer the world. He blushed. I blushed.

May 8th

I met these two girls outside a café in Brighton; we were all ordering jacket potatoes.

Me: I love your shoes

Girl 1: Don’t you think they look like granddad shoes?

Me: No!

Girl 2: that’s the look isn’t it?

Me: They look great.

Silence, waiting for potatoes.

Me: I really need a jacket potato

Girl 2: Yeah, we need stodge

Girl 1: we’re back at work.

I ask to take a picture of them, as they look great. I try to think of something more I can / do say. I say I’m putting them in my blog

Girl 1: Ooo, I’m blog-worthy! What’s it about

Me: erm… I’m not gonna tell you. Check it out, it’s a surprise.

I buy them each a kitkat.

Me: This is just to say thanks

I scarper, and can hear them giggling.

May 9th

Man said to me do you have a light?

Me: no, sorry

Him: (whilst eating) do you think I should be eating this?

(He’s eating a pasty)

Me: it looks ok

Him: I got it off the top of a bin, but it’s warm

Me: it looks fine.

He walks off. I feel a bit guilty. I run after him and give him £2, which is all I have

Me: I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that pasty, but you might fancy afters

Him: thanks

May 10th

Left postcard with nice message inside book at WHSmiths

Random, I know, but kind of magical I hope.

May 11th

Some idiot tried to mug me in Wandsworth this morning. It was 9.30 am, and it was the most rubbish attempt at mugging ever. He only succeeded a. breaking my iphone b. running over my foot and c. hurting my arm. He came up behind me on a motorbike, nudged my phone and my bag out of my hand and then circled around me, whilst I swore at him in at least two languages. I invented new swearing, just for him. He seemed alarmed by this turn of events and my potty mouth, and scarpered with nothing! Apart from my curses in his ear!

I was on my way to meet a friend for the launch of Wandsworth Festival, and arrived absolutely livid. My friend Sarah and two glasses of Bucks Fizz soon clamed me down, but I was tipsy by 11am and this was not how I had expected my morning to go. I met lots of new people for the first time and all I could talk about was how someone had tried to mug me. It was getting boring, after a while.

I didn’t stay angry. I kept thinking about what a waste of effort it was for him.

I went to another launch in the evening, Islington WORD 2012 festival and left a card in a book in Islington library, for someone to discover one day.

May 12th

Left a card on a bench in SW18

May 13th

Posted a card through the door of this house

May 14th

Went to the dentist to see hygienist. The receptionist was super-nice, her and the dental nurse were muttering as I waited

Receptionist: Miss Russell?

Me: I can hear you two muttering

Receptionist: The hygienist isn’t here. I’m afraid there’s been a boo-boo.

Me: (laughing) you saying “Boo-boo” has made it all better

Receptionist: you’re very nice (noticing my rabbit badge) does that bunny bring you luck?

Me: Sort of

Receptionist: I need some luck. I try to be positive but I get trod on. I’m reading this (pulls out copy of The Power) it’s hard to put it in practice.

Me: You are positive

Receptionist: Tell you the truth, I’m fed up.

She draws a smiley face on my appointment and tells me her name’s Jerry. I leave, and then bring her back a bag of maltesers. I know, slightly inappropriate for a dentists, but it was 9am.She shouted “you are lovely!” as I left, a bit embarrassed

May 15th

 Left this message at friends neighbours house

May 16th s

Kirsty Housley deserves a special mention; she’s a good friend of mine, who ran a staggering 6 marathons in 6 weeks, in memory of her niece Ellen who died aged 10 months. Ellen had a rare liver condition called Biliary Atresia and Kirsty was raising money for it, and I sponsored her. We also made her a banner on Marathon Day and cheered as she ran past the house. She is amazing.

May 17th

In the street was a dapper silver haired gentleman. Bow tie, three piece suit, brogues

Me: hello

Him: er…. Hello

Me: I hope you don’t mind me saying you look wonderful. Stylish and cool. Dapper

Him: *giggle* thanks. Really?

Me: absolutely.

Him: I am very pleased

Me: bye.

After that I saw him watching me a bit nervously. Wondering what I was up to

May 18th

Tiny present left in park in Eastleigh

May 19th

Last year I left a fiver on a bus going towards Lewisham, in the early days of #366daysofkindness, and a man messaged me from Nottingham to say he received the same note in change! Amazing!

I helped a man get his luggage off the train. A lot of luggage, I might add.

Him:” I know I look like a tough nut but I’ve hurt my arm”

He did. (Look like a tough nut.) Turned out to be sweet and funny. But he must have had concrete in that case. What the hell is it with people and suitcases heavier than the moon?

May 20th

Gave Fiona at Magic Garden a bunch of flowers

May 21st I

The man outside the station has one leg. He was singing very quietly. I gave him a bit of money

Me: Sorry it’s not more

Him: S’okay

Me: What are you singing?

Him: I don’t know. I’m making it up. I think I’m making it up.

May 22nd

This sent to Kate Lundie Hills mum who just had op

Winging it’s way to Bushey. That is an EDIBLE paper butterfly!

May 23rd

To Jana Lapel-Denis as suggested by Vivacity Bliss, to cheer her up

May 24th

Sponsored Ian Payton who is running the Edinburgh marathon for bowel cancer

May 25th

To Jane Richardson as suggested by Jess Pearce to cheer her up

May 26th

Yesterday Matt Feerick, and the lovely Wet Picnickers helped this lady push her car as an act of kindness. Matt then told me he is going to do an act of kindness every day in his up and coming trip to Canada.

Found out it was this lady’s birthday and bought her flowers (bar manager in the Clark and Well)

May 27th

For Kim through the post to cheer her up as suggested by Wendy Attwell.

May 28th

Posted today to Lynne Chapman as suggested by Ava Bonham-Garter

May 29th   

To a mystery recipient in Canada (have to keep this one schtum as it’s delicate!!!)

May 30th

This one complicated, exciting, romantic! Via Matt Feerick!

(Turning into a bit of a cupid now! Loving it!)

May 31st

Met these really sweet school girls on Corporation Street, Birmingham

Girl 1: excuse me, could you give us 50p

Girl 2: we need 60p

Me: are you ok?

Girl 3: she lost her bus pass

I rummage in my bag

Girl 1: thankyou! Hope you have a lovely day

Girl 2: thank you. Hope you have the best day ever in the world

All of this said in the BEST brummie accents. Made my day


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