#366daysofkindness Chapter 15 June 2012

July 9th, 2012 by Bernadette


This month, my lovely friend Matt Feerick joined me, doing acts of kindness every day whilst on holiday in Toronto. He also did a massive, heart stopping, amazing one for me.

To have a look at it, go here:


It made me, and loads of other people, cry buckets. Thanks Matt xxx


1st June

In Birmingham rehearsing Just Price of Flowers with Stan’s Café.

Coming back into London via the dreaded Euston, heard man singing ‘My Girl’. Cheesy I know, but beautifully sung. I gave him some money

Me: can I take your picture?

Him:(singing) yes

That earned him an extra 50p


2nd June

In London preparing for our Jubilee storytelling show. A friend of my friend Lucinda Townsend is planning a charity cycle challenge around the Isle of Wight on 19th June (to celebrate his 50th birthday!) so sponsored him. He is raising money for homelessness, which is a cause close to my heart.

3rd June

Battersea Park – Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

I did loads of kind things today. It was easy. Some days it is. I gave loads of sweets and crowns away to kids at Battersea and to my neighbours and I waved the flag for Anarchy at The Alternative Village Fete at Battersea. I performed a story about the Queen spending the night with a transvestite in Soho. Such a crazy day. A day of food kindness!

4th June

Little bit mystic, this. Out I venture, to leave something in the phone box as I haven’t left the house all day and I haven’t done a single kind thing. Today is my 291st day of kindness. I’ve just started wondering if it’ll feel strange when I have finished….

5th June

Back to Birmingham for more rehearsals of Just Price of Flowers

This man approached me at Birmingham station. He started telling me about needing money for the night. I was late and sort of stuffed money in his hand and rushed off. I immediately regretted not talking to him. Feel bad.

6th June

O my cripes I am so tired. Went to Brighton to do a try-out of my Kindness lecture at The Basement. It got cancelled due to illness. Did the show for the staff and it was good food for thought.

On the way home I smiled at this man at the railway station. I was unfortunately carrying this doll. She was part of a show I had done at The Basement earlier in the year, and she was supposed to scare people.

Me: Hello

Him: Hello. That is the worst doll I have ever seen

Me: I know. She’s a bit scary

Him: Why have you got her?

Me: It’s a really long story. Have you had a good day?

Him: Was all right. A bit hard after long break

Me: I hope you have a nice evening

Him: I’ll probably dream about that doll

Me: Sorry. Bye.

Several others attempts to smile at strangers were thwarted by her. Still, I did talk to a lot of people. Maybe I should carry her every day. Was thinking about giving people your time and just chatting is a valid kindness too. If you’re not carrying a devil doll.


7th June


I am writing anon reviews. My rule is: if I don’t like it, I don’t review it. Bit like “if you’ve nothing nice to say don’t say anything” as my Nana used to say. I have several fake names. I give good review. Hee hee. Did 5 reviews.

Yesterday I had loads of conversations about what it is to be kind. A thing that often comes up is this idea that some people deserve / need it more than others. I don’t know. If you are being kind to strangers then you have to decide whether they deserve it or not? I think not. How could I know? Thoughtful this morning, on the 7.13 to Brum.

8th June


I am in love with Brum. Like an old friend who you suddenly notice is quite a catch. Found out this lovely man on reception at Birmingham rep was celebrating his birthday so I bought him cake.

9th June

Brighton. Something had to give. Commuting from Brighton to Birmingham is a bit mental.

Left my ukulele on train! I love that uke. Still, I tried to stay kind in the face of adversity!

Man got on train and started asking for money. I gave him some. Man opposite said loudly whilst he was still there

“At least he’s not Romanian”

His friend: “yeah”

Him: “they’re usually Romanian”


After a brief pause during which I boiled inside, I gave him a proper telling off. Idiot.

Back in Brighton, I did a bit of hosting at Supper Club as my alter ego Toni Galore. Wearing a pair of union jack bloomers, whilst waving anarchy flags, I stripped to the sex pistols “Anarchy in the UK” I did other stuff, jokes and songs, so, you know… Life is sweet.

10th June


I helped this girl top up her oyster card at Canada Water. This was tricky, as she spoke no English. This was followed by lots of really bad mime and laughter from both of us. Much fun.

11th June


Overheard outside newsagents, man to his friend:

“She’s an anto social sod” (yes he said “Anto-social”)

Me: “Are you ok?”

Man with teardrop tattoo “Yes, I was just asking that woman for a light”

(He’s struggling to manage a lovely but slightly crazed Staffie)

Me: “Some people don’t like dogs”

I go and buy him a box of matches. I try to light his fag for him. It’s pouring with rain and I fail

Him:” Give them here ”

As he lights his fag I make friends with his dog

Him “She’s a softie”

Me: “I can see that. I love dogs”

Him: “Although if you were a dog, and you’re obviously not, she’d rip your face off”

Funny. Giggled all the way home.

12th June

Brighton, ready to do our storytelling show Are You Sitting Comfortably?

In Iceland buying stuff for show. In front of me is an obese man buying 7 tubs of ice cream. Biggest man I have ever seen.

Him (to the man on the till): I’ll put one back

Me: I’ve got some change how much do you need?

He needed 90p and I gave it to him, and off he went

Man on till: is that your good deed for the day?

Me: yes. I think so.

Mmm. Not so sure.

13th June


O my I am in such a grump. Getting up at 5am. Bad mood, trying to be kind. I managed to give the Big Issue seller sheltering from the rainstorm in Tesco’s a. a smile b. some money. That’s more than I did for anyone else all day. Him: “You look fed up”

Me: “Yes sorry, I’m in a bit of a grump”

Him: “It’s the bloody weather. We might have a rainbow though”

Me:” Yes, we might. Thanks. I’ll cheer up now”

Him: “Everybody’s allowed an off day”

Me: “Yes”

In the end he was kinder to me. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

14th June


This is Mickey; he is extra nice, with twinkly blue eyes. He told me about his friend Ivy and how she buys a paper off him every week and how they help each other out. We had a great chat and I bought him a kitkat (he’d had lunch, said he fancied a kitkat) hopefully I’ll see him again as he works outside local Tesco’s.

15th June

Birmingham show starts tonight!

I am in theatre all day, so I bought a gingerbread man for our lovely lighting guy to have with his cuppa. He couldn’t believe this was a daily event

16th June


I have written this card to give to a stranger on the train on the way home. I also helped the staff in Urban Coffee Company clear the tables. Good girl.

17th June


I just sponsored Bliss for #366daysofkindness, with my sis, but it counts as it does benefit strangers I hope! She’s doing the London Bliss 5K buggy push for Bliss, for “babies born too soon, too small, too sick.”

18th June


Gave this lovely man with a poorly arm a small gift. He said, ” Am I your act of kindness?”

This is a first. No idea how he knew

19th June


Found out this lovely man and his partner in very bad car accident so bought I him flowers

20th June


Did 1/2 hour litter collecting round Edgbaston Reservoir, after a lady told me her dog got poorly eating an old sack! Plus I saw a jogger stumble over this discarded inhaler.


21st June


Saw a homeless man take his trainers off outside St Paul’s Church in the jewelry quarter. His feet were bleeding

Me: I know this is a bit odd, but do you want my socks? They’re clean and I’ve just had a shower honest

Him: yes please

I take off my socks and give them to him.

Me: I hate wearing trainers without socks.

Him: so do I.Feet are hard.

We had a chat.

22nd June


This is Bernadette (another one!) I gave her a little gift and she told me earlier she had prevented a lady from driving into a motorbike and thought to herself ” that was my good deed for the day” Hee Hee. Instant karma baby

23rd June


Big thanks to Hobgoblins music at custard factory for helping me replace my beloved uke! And tempting me with their wonderful instruments (this is not a euphemism) gave man in there a lottery ticket

Me: you don’t have to tell me if you win. But I will be back next Saturday.

Him:( grinning): I won’t be here next Saturday

Tee Hee

24th June

To Hannah as suggested by Heather Uprichard.

25th June


Still in the process of trying to write to someone on Death Row, so didn’t really count for today. Bought this lady a drink. I’m not entirely sure she wanted one…

26th June


Talked to a vicar about kindness, smiled at everyone all day like a nutter. The vicar (Pete) was amazing. He said, “Sometimes, I don’t think my heart is big enough for my job”

I just donated to The Royal Marsden Cancer


27th June


This is a fab (mostly) Spanish company working at B festival; I speak no Spanish but could see they were in the stressy part of devising a new show. I bought them some flowers and some news from home. Not very good news (banks). I suggested revolution! This went down well.

28th June


Epic, biblical, show off rain. Roads are rivers. Motorways south bound closed. Amazing. Just donated to Amy Winehouse Foundation as suggested by Kerry.

29th June


A small gift for the vicar (Pete) I discussed kindness and not believing in God with! (I mean me not believing obviously!)

30th June


Last day of show. At 10pm I approached a table of strangers in the bar. I told them about #366daysofkindness and said, “I haven’t done one today yet- can I buy you a drink?” I did, and then we had a great chat about it, load of other stuff, the riots, Brum. Now have 3 new friends.

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