• 366 Days of Kindness

    EVERY DAY I DO SOMETHING KIND FOR A STRANGER! THERE’S A WEBSITE DEDICATED TO THIS PROJECT HERE: for more information and the tour dates please visit there. In brief: on more…

  • Dear Stranger

    An interactive installation at the Southbank Centre

  • Coat Tales

    An interactive installation at Southbank Centre, Birmingham Rep and Jacksons Lane.

  • Midnight Feast

    A series of podcasts.

  • Are You Sitting Comfortably?

    A cosy evening of cracking stories, cute cakes and comfortable chairs. “I didn’t know what to expect when I came to the first show; I was mostly tempted by the more…

  • Secret Garden

    A project for families at the Southbank Centre with dancers from Lewisham College and choreographers from Street Dance remixed.

  • The Snow Leopard

    A family storytelling show at Knole House, commissioned by the National Trust

  • Wonderlands

    A series of storytelling walking tours.

  • Sign of The Times

    An interactive placed making workshop and installation for everyone, commissioned by Tetley Gallery LEEDS and made with Rob Kennedy.

  • Lost Property Office

    THE LOST PROPERTY OFFICE  Do we lose things because we didn’t want them? Do we forget things because we desire to revisit the place we left them? What happens if more…

  • Somniloquy

    An immersive performance about insomnia.

  • BED

    BED is Bernadette’s investigation into dreams and sleep. It happens in people’s homes in their beds, and is a one on one experience. Bernadette reads a story, written especially for more…