Ether books

All White Rabbit writers have the opportunity to be published by Ether books, in the White Rabbit “Are You Sitting Comfortably?”category. this means that as soon as the audience has heard your story at one of our live events, they can download it! There are some of Bernadette’s and Gareth’s stories in there too!

Here’s some information about Ether:

Ether Books is a new and exciting mobile publisher which specialises in short fiction, essays, poetry and serials on mobile phones! We are very excited by the wealth of contemporary talent for writing short content and the opportunities which mobile brings for new ways of reading ‘on-the-go’, and for writers to reach a global audience. Ether publishes new and emerging talent alongside bestselling writers including Hilary Mantel, Lionel Shriver, Louis de Bernieres and Sir Paul McCartney, and we are developing a unique community of writers who connect to discuss not only their own writing, but also mutually promote each other’s work. The Ether Community is innovating new ways of connecting writers to each other and their readers, which is producing some very creatively exciting results!

We are truely thrilled to be working with White Rabbit and publishing the very best of the short fiction entered to their events. All White Rabbit writers will be published for free within theWhite Rabbit – Are you Sitting Comfortably? genre in our Ether App. White Rabbit writers will also get the opportunity to join the growing Ether Writers Community with all the benefits this entails. White Rabbit writers who wish to submit can do so through our online submission on the Ether website, by clicking on the Bronze membership button and entering ‘White Rabbit’ as their specified genre.

For more details and to support Ether is all that we’re doing, go to our or our Facebook Page You can also find us on Twitter @etherbooks for all the latest news, releases and competitions!