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Are You Sitting Comfortably? is intended to be performed in café/ bars or theatres, and is also suitable for outdoor festivals in a tent or gazebo.It is a storytelling event aimed at adults, although we have also made shows for family audiences (i.e: Brighton’s Children’s Festival)

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Here is some of the writers from our recent Winchester Gig

From the beginning our aim was to champion new writing and original storytelling. We ask local writers to submit stories that our professional performers read. We now are averaging over 80 submissions a month for each event and every writer we accept has to be able to attend the event to hear their story being read.

“Thank you so much for reading my story yesterday evening. Bernadette, you read it brilliantly, much better than I envisaged in my own head and it was so rewarding to hear the audience laughing in the right places and being quiet at the right times. As an ex teacher this can be a novelty! Short stories are a real learning curve for me and, as I mentioned, this is the second one I’ve written. I have two more on the go and it’s given me the confidence to carry on.

Thanks for being so dedicated to writing as an art form and for providing an excellent- and quirky- forum for new work. And by the way, your own stories were excellent. I’ll never look at a dog the same way again…

Thanks again and best of luck for brilliant stories for next month,”


The format is simple, each evening has a theme, (for example: Magic) and the audience sits at cabaret style tables and is invited to listen to 7-9 original short stories based loosely on that theme. It’s important to watch the readers, but it is  as important to sit down, have a drink, eat a cake and be able to close your eyes and immerse yourself in the evening.

We create a magical atmosphere, part 1930s tearoom, part deranged children’s party, and we have a theme-appropriate play list, and a beautiful slide show, and a set relating to the theme of the month. We serve a variety of free treats: for example cup cakes, chocolate biscuits and cucumber sandwiches, we play games and competitions, and we serve cocktails in teapots.

“Imagine being tucked up in bed , being read your favourite story by a drag queen fairy godmother whilst sipping cocktails and eating homemade cupcakes. I know, too good to be true….If you like the sound of this then get along to ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ hosted by White Rabbit’s Bernadette Russell and Gareth Brierley

Twisted Tales that speak of fairground folk, fallen angels and Satanists in allotments were just a few of the gems I heard at Brightons’ arts venue, The Basement. Moving, intriguing and laugh out loud funny, the event passed without a blink of an eye. And if that’s not enough, we even got to play pass the parcel at the end!

Watch out Wetherspoons, a new breed of nights out has arrived!”

Kate Baily, Sunday Express

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