Submitting a story


In brief: submit one week before the show, around 1000 words, in a word doc with your name and the title of the story on each page. Put which show you are submitting for in the subject line. Please check the date of the show and make sure you are free to attend.

Here’s more detail:

What sort of stories do you want?

Stories for adults (UNLESS specified, we occasionally do shows for children), but we welcome all styles and try to programme with variety in mind

How short is “short”?

We accept stories of around 1000 words but we are very happy with shorter.

How do I submit a story?

Email us your short story stating the location you are submitting for in the subject line (i.e: “Toynbee Studios” or “Winchester Discovery Centre”)and which theme you are submitting for (i.e: “FILTHY” or “HORROR”.) We give a preference to local writers.

PLEASE SUBMIT in a word doc, or if you don’t have word, in the body of your email. Please make sure the title of your story and your name is on every page.These things are very helpful, especially if we are organising a lot of shows at once, and are therefore recieving a lot of submissions.

How do I know dates of shows/which themes are coming up?

Check the future dates on this site or join us on facebook to stay in touch

You can join our mailing list to stay informed by request on our home page.

When do I submit?

The deadline is generally one week before the show, unless stated. To know the dates of the show please see future dates on the website or, once again, you can  join us on facebook to keep in touch

Once I’ve submitted, then what happens?

We programme each evening with balance in mind, and will contact you by mail to let you know if your story has been chosen as soon as possible after the deadline. If your story is chosen, we would like you to be there, the audience loves to meet the writer, and it is useful (so we’re told by our writers) to hear your text read out loud.

All writers have the opportunity to be published by Ether books, if they so wish, after the show. More details about this can be found on the Ether page

What if I can’t attend on the night?

Once we have chosen please confirm that you can attend, we do not read stories without the writer present, although we understand that circumstances sometimes mean you can’t attend and we will try to use your story at another time (although this isn’t always possible)

Can I submit for more than one show?

Yes definitely, although we only read one story per writer per season (seasons generally run Sept- Christmas, then Jan- April, with a summer break, although we do summer specials!)

What happens on the night?

There will be a complimentary ticket for you on the door in your name for you to collect, when you get here, please come and say hello so we know who you are! Then sit back, eat the cakes, listen to the pre-show music, and enjoy hearing your story read to an appreciative audience. We will introduce you by name before your story is read so people can give you your well deserved round of applause. We’ll make you a handmade book of your story as a souvenir!

What happens if I am not chosen?

Please submit again, if you are inspired by any of the themes. Each month we have stories we would love to include and just can’t because of time, so please don’t be discouraged.

How can I get in touch?

For all enquiries regarding Are You Sitting Comfortably? please contact Bernadette and Gareth at

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