Technical Requirements

Stage and Seating

Our ideal set up for Are You Sitting Comfortably is a cabaret configuration:tables placed around the space with chairs around each. The number of tables to be decided by the  venue and how many audience members you anticipate (thus far we’ve played to a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 500) We require a stage area with a small roster to perform on. We have performed this show at a number of different venues (theatre, Cafe, bar, tent, outdoors) so are pretty adaptable to your venue.


We bring dressing for all the tables and venue according to the chosen theme. We also provide party food (this varies and can be discussed) Our reading area would require a medium sized table and comfortable chair. A tall standard lamp would be helpful as well.


We require a projector and something to project onto. In the past this has been a screen, a bed sheet, a wall and a small picture frame. It all depends on the venue and what you have. We will bring our own laptop and lead to projector.


PA system.

Ipod connection to PA. Will bring own iPod.

Microphone and Stand.


This all depends on the venue and its requirements. Have a look at our trailers to see some examples. We have used no lights, natural light, a few birdies and a full set up with specials. There are no cues.

Fit Up

Depending on the venue size and how much the venue needed to be adapted we would require a min 3 hour set up time. This can always be negotiated .


We would need a technician for the day of the set up. Depending on the venue we have run the sound and lights ourselves, but if everything is run from a box and board we would need a operator. No lighting cues except on and off, plus a few sound cues in the breaks. Projector just runs on it’s own.

Get Out

We can get the show out of the venue in one hour min.

Any further questions please ring Gareth on 07956 621968