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“Engaging and entertaining…charming, self-deprecating, and downright funny…this show might just change your life” ****

William Stafford

“Bold, truthful…inspiring…so much more than a theatrical production…it is a cry to ask us all to stop being scared…” ****

Elizabeth Halpin

“The novelty of being read to, sat in a basement in the middle of the night with a midnight feast of children’s party food, is enchanted night.” ****

Total Theatre

“You may walk into the performance sceptical, but I defy you not to walk out and not want to do at least one small act of kindness” ****

What's On Stage

“a thought-provoking, hilarious and disarmingly honest multi-media show" ****

Daily Express

“366 Days of Kindness is a manifesto we all should live by; it’s the antidote to our busy lives and an absolute delight of a performance.” *****

Ellen Carr

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